Day One [No Added Sugar]

My enthusiasm is still strong at the moment, and the novelty of trying something new hasn’t worn off, so today has been easier than expected. Having said that, I have a headache and feel slightly flu- like, but I’m not going to blame that on lack of processed sugar- yet. 

I did some more reading though, and discovered I should probably be limiting my banana intake to one per day, due to their high sugar content. This is even though I am focussing on added sugars, but I will try swapping some of them out for oranges or apples. 

Breakfast required some thought- usually I would wake up, and while half asleep pour about three bowls worth of coco pops into a  single bowl, and top that off with whatever non- dairy milk was in the fridge. Instead I opted for what was the most easy and sugar free option, and made eggs the main part of my breakfast. Fortunately, at least in Ireland, our shop bought breads generally don’t contain any added sugar, so that makes things a lot easier- cutting out white carbs will be a future challenge however!

By the time lunch came around the headache had started- and not helped by the presence of biscuits at work. It was alleviated somewhat by getting some fresh air on the way to get lunch, but seeing the baskets full of chocolate chip muffins nearly broke me- if this were yesterday, I could easily have had two of them. 

I was almost at fainting point by the time dinner arrived- headaches, light headed, the works. Dinner was odd in that I ate too much hoping that it would ease the headache, but it didn’t, so I slightly overate. I made dinner the last thing I ate, though did have some tea before bed.

With all that though, day one is finished. Hopefully the sugar flu won’t last much longer, and I can concentrate on reducing the amount of snacks I have to eat to keep myself feeling sane. 

If you have any advice or feedback for me on what I ate today, please let me know- changing my diet is going to require me to relearn how to eat, and I’d really appreciate advice from others on what they ate and what worked for them. 

What I ate:


  • Two fried eggs on toast
  • Banana and peanut butter on toast


  • Bread roll with spinach and tomato 
  • Popcorn
  • Banana
  • Handful of almonds


  • Pasta with homemade tomato sauce, red onion and mushrooms


  • Banana
  • Toast
  • Almonds

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