Day Two [No Added Sugar]

Today was tough. Really tough. 

It wasn’t so much that I was craving sugar throughout the day, but I was really irritable and bad tempered. Everything was annoying me, and stressing me out, and I just couldn’t deal with it (which is unusual for me). I’m hoping this will pass quickly, as it is making me somewhat difficult to be around.  The headache that I had yesterday was almost non- existent today, but my body feels tired and heavy. 

Lunch was really good today- I had been craving pizza for the last few days, but ordering one would be breaking all the rules! I found some puff pastry in the fridge, and topped it with grated vegan cheese, chopped fresh basil and sliced cherry tomato. I then baked that, and it was the perfect substitute. 

I went and did some grocery shopping today, and stocked up on fruit, nuts, vegetables, vegan cheese and avocados in particular. I really like avocados, and if I’m not having eggs with a meal, I like to add a quarter to a half of an avocado to increase the fat content and keep me feeling full for longer. I also found some tomato based pasta sauces that don’t have any sugar, and though they don’t taste as nice as the sugary ones, they are certainly better for me. 

What I did realise is that reading labels on food is super important. My aim is to cut out all sugar- real, artificial sweeteners, stevia, you name it to eliminate my constant sugar cravings. Sugar is hidden is almost everything- like one brand of tortillas had sugar as a main ingredient, whereas thankfully another didn’t. 

What I Ate:


  • Toast and two fried eggs


  • Slice of homemade puff pastry pizza
  • Three rice cakes with peanut butter and a banana


  • Pasta with mixed beans in tomato sauce. 


  • Almonds
  • 100kcal bag of popcorn
  • Grapes

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