Day Three [No Added Sugar]

Today was the first day sugar cravings actually kicked in and I was tempted by chocolate- I resisted, though I would love a piece of chocolate cake, especially right now as I usually would be asleep by 10:30pm, and it is closer to midnight now and exhaustion is setting in. 

Already my energy levels are more constant, and I am significantly less bloated around my middle- I haven’t yet stepped on the scales to know what change, if any there has been there. I do have an upset stomach however from all the fruit I have been eating! Ideally that will pass rapidly, it’s a bit uncomfortable. 

What I ate:


  • Two fried eggs on toast


  • Mixed salad leaves topped with roasted sweet potato, red onion, mushrooms and chickpeas


  • Wrap with the same sweet potato filling as above


  • Popcorn
  • Banana bread (made this morning to a BBC Good Food Recipe)

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