Day Four [No Added Sugar]

I’ve been feeling pretty miserable all day, seeing as my period started overnight. This lead to me stain treating my pajamas first thing this morning, which is not how you want to start your day!

Around my period, especially on day one, I have such sugar cravings, mainly because I am so exhausted by the cramps I get. I pushed through today, which I am quite proud of, though I did probably eat a lot more food than I needed… oops! At least none of it was sugary though. 

I’m starting to see changes in my shape at this stage. My stomach is flatter, I’m less bloated, and my legs look slimmer. I am assuming it’s due to loss of retained water, and hoping it doesn’t return. 

What I ate today:


  • Two fried eggs on toast


  • Quesadillas made with vegan cheese and red onion
  • Salad plate, consisting of sweet potato, chickpeas, tomatoes, salad leaves (no dressing of course, they’re often full of sugar!)


  • I didn’t really have a dinner today… I ate two sandwiches and a bag of popcorn this evening before bed!

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